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At Riverwalk Dental Devine, we offer personalized, tailor-made and pocket-friendly orthodontic services in Devine. Our orthodontic treatment serves patients of all ages in Devine, Texas. Whether you are looking for traditional braces or modern Invisalign treatment, we have got you covered with any of them.

We believe that your smile is way beyond just an expression. With traditional, ceramic, Invisalign braces and Invisalign clear aligners, Devine kid’s dentist can give your little ones straight teeth with a proper bite that will help you chew better and smile more.

Types of Braces: Selecting the Right one

With multiple types of orthodontic treatment options to choose, we can suggest what treatment method can do best for you.

Metal Braces- They are the most commonly used orthodontic appliances and can correct a wide range of issues like an overbite, underbite, crooked teeth, gapped teeth, improperly aligned teeth and so on. Our dentist in Devine applies brackets to the surface of your teeth. These braces function by applying continuous pressure to slowly move your teeth back to their respective positions. They are smaller, smoother, and quite comfortable than ever. You will be enjoying a straight smile. Schedule your checkup with us today!

Clear Braces- Clear braces are made of porcelain and blend with your teeth properly. They are applied and function the same way as metal braces. The only factor that differentiates the two of them is aesthetics. In metal braces, you have a choice when it comes to the color of bands. Clear braces are comparatively easy on pockets. If you are interested, let us know. We will go through the entire treatment process and help you decide the right option.

Invisalign- Invisalign is the most appreciated aligner brand. Being a progressive treatment method, it is preferred by patients who do not wish to have brackets or wires. Invisalign helps in fixing overbite, underbite, crowded teeth, gaps or rotated teeth. It also allows patients to enjoy their favorite drinks and food throughout the course of treatment.

Braces for Kids

On the basis of your child’s braces needs, our Devine dentist will recommend an appropriate type of treatment to help correct your bite.

Caring for Teeth & Aligners During the Treatment

During orthodontic treatment, it is important to maintain oral hygiene. Any kind of tooth decay can derail your treatment and cause problems to your teeth. Therefore, our dentists recommend brushing your teeth and aligners every time while taking them out or putting them back in. Similarly, we also recommend flossing on a daily basis.

Once the treatment is finished, our Devine dentist will offer you retainers to make sure that your smile stays in line as ever. Following the exact instructions for wearing retainers will help you move your teeth back to their old positions. Having your retainers worn properly, you will be conserving your new smile for a lifetime.

At Riverwalk Dental Devine, we have multiple years of expertise in all of these treatment types. Schedule an appointment with us today and we will help you understand all the orthodontic treatment options. Our dentists will also help you pick the suitable one based on your requisites.