When diagnosed at an early stage, treatment for oral cancer is quite effective than later in the stage. encourage you to screen for oral cancer today to avoid the risk in the future. Since the goal is to identify mouth cancer early, our dentists in Devine strongly suggest incorporating this into your regular dental routine.

At Riverwalk Dental Devine, oral cancer examination starts with analyzing the signs that could lead to mouth cancer or precancerous lesions. In general, our dentists look for visible symptoms like red and white bumps, rough patches or changes in the positioning of your teeth. Additionally, they will also feel your cheeks and inside of your mouth after wearing gloves. This helps identify whether you have any hard lumps inside the mouth or not.

How frequently you should have an oral cancer screening done?

We recommend you to visit our office for the first examination. Depending on the risk factors, we will let you know how frequently you will be requiring an examination. If you are a patient at higher risk of oral cancer, we might suggest you oral screenings annually.

Factors contributing to oral cancer:

Spotting cancer in earlier stages makes cancer easier to treat. The most common factors that put you at a higher risk of oral cancer are:

  • Using tobacco, cigarettes, pipes etc.
  • Persistent use of alcohol
  • Previous oral cancer detection

How can you get rid of oral cancer?

Besides, an oral cancer screening examination, we recommend you to stop taking smokeless tobacco products. It is one of the biggest risks for developing oral cancer. It is suggested to stop smoking all tobacco products and also limit the alcohol content you drink.

Call the oral cancer specialists at Riverwalk Dental Devine and get prepared to take control of your overall health.